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Sample Letter To Neighbor About Tree


Trees on private property that fall onto your own property can cause severe damage, such as damaging your house or car. While the neighbor is legally responsible for any damage caused by their tree, you are not entitled to enter the neighbor’s land and cut down the tree yourself. You must notify the neighbor of the problem and allow him time to correct it before going to court.

  1. If you have suffered damage from a fallen tree, notify your insurance company immediately. Even if you decide not to file a claim because of your deductible, it is important that they know about the incident in case there are any future problems with the tree or property.
  2. Document all damage caused by fallen trees. Take photos of each item damaged and write down the cost of replacing each item, including parts and labor. If you have receipts for items that were damaged as well as for repairs made to your home, make copies for your records and send them to your insurance company along with your claim form.
  3. Send a letter to your neighbor describing the problem, how it happened and how much it cost you. Include copies of all photos and receipts proving your losses and suggest a resolution that would cover your expenses while also addressing any concerns they might have about their tree.

Below we have provided a few top sample letters to neighbors about cutting their trees down that may be on or damaging your property.

Sample letter #1

Dear Neighbors,

The tree on the property line between our homes needs to be cut down. As you may know, it is getting pretty large and has started to grow into the fence that separates our yards. If you would kindly trim back your side of the tree, I will happily pay for half of the cost of doing so.

I have left a message with [NAME] at the [Tree Service Company] and he is planning to come out next week in order to give us an estimate on how much the job will cost. Once we have his estimate, I will mail you a check for half of the cost.

Please let me know if this is all right with you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Sample letter #2

Dear Neighbor,

I have a problem with the tree that is hanging over our property line. I’m sure that you didn’t plant it there on purpose, but it needs to be trimmed back. We need to be able to maintain the yard and use the attached tool shed.

Would you please trim the branches back by two feet?

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Sample letter #3

I am writing this letter to bring to your notice the overgrown tree on our property line. The branches of the tree are covering my yard and blocking the sunlight from entering my home. It has also become a nuisance for the children that play in my yard.

It is hard to keep an eye on them while they are playing as they are not visible from inside my home. I have spoken to you earlier about cutting down the branches; however, you have neglected to do so.

I understand that cutting off the branches might affect your view; however, I expect you to consider my situation as well. Please cut off the branches of the tree before [DATE].

If you fail to do so, I will be forced to take legal action against you.

Sample letter #4

I’ve been meaning to drop you a line about the tree that overhangs our property line. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but it has grown quite large and is blocking the sun from our back garden. It’s becoming a bit of a concern for us, as we’re worried that a strong wind or storm could uproot it, and in turn, damage our property.

I would really appreciate it if you could help me trim the branches that are encroaching on our property. I understand it will be easier to access the area from your side of the fence, so any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. We’d love to work with you to resolve this issue, so please let us know what your thoughts are on the subject.

Best wishes

Sample Letter #5

Dear _____,

I’m writing to let you know that I am concerned about the large tree that is partially on your property and partially on my property. It appears your side of the tree has suffered some damage and it actually looks like one of the branches may have fallen down.

I would like to discuss options for getting this tree taken care of. Please give me a call and we can set up a time to meet in person.


Sample Letter #6

Dear Neighbor,

I hope you are doing well. I wanted to let you know that I will be removing a tree from my backyard. The tree is quite close to the property line and branches from it are regularly hanging over into my yard. Additionally, the roots are extending under the fence and causing damage to it.

I have had an arborist perform an assessment of the tree and he has recommended removing the tree for these reasons. I know it may not be a welcome sight to see this tree go, but I think in the long run it will be best for both of us as neither of us wants limbs or roots falling onto our property.

I wanted to give you advanced notice about this so that you can make any necessary arrangements in advance of the removal date. If you would like to discuss this further with me, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Sample Letter #7

Dear (name)

I have been informed that there is a (type of tree) in your backyard that needs to be removed. It is growing too close to my property and I am concerned about the potential damage it would cause if it fell over.

Please contact me at (your phone number) or at (your email address) so we can discuss the removal of this tree.

Thank you for your understanding.

A sample complaint letter to neighbor about tree

Dear [Name of Neighbor],

I am having some issues with your tree branches. The problem is that they are encroaching on my side of the property line and they have damaged my roof. I need you to trim them up as soon as possible.

If you could do this within the next week or so, that would work best for me. Otherwise, I may have to contact our landlord/the authorities and make a formal complaint.

I hope everything works out and that you can take care of this quickly.


Dear (Name),

I hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter to ask you to please trim the tree branches in your yard. They are overhanging my property and they are blocking the sunlight from reaching my driveway and backyard. As you can imagine, this is a problem for me. I would appreciate it if you would send someone to trim these branches right away.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


Sample letter to neighbor about tree trimming


I’m your neighbor across the street, and I wanted to let you know that some branches from your tree are extending into my yard. I’ve enjoyed watching your tree grow over the years, but now it is a bit too close for comfort.

I was hoping you would be willing to trim back the branches on your side of the property line. If you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself, or if you don’t have the time, I would be happy to pay for a professional to come in and do it. Let me know what works for you and we can get this taken care of as soon as possible.

Thanks so much,

Dear [name],

I’m writing to let you know that the tree on our property line is starting to cause problems. Some of the branches hang over our yard and are causing damage. I’d like to trim them back so they no longer extend into our yard.

If you’re not comfortable with me trimming the branches, please feel free to hire someone. Please let me know what you decide, and I’ll make a plan from there.

Thanks for your consideration,

[your name]

Sample letter to neighbor about tree roots damaging property

Dear Neighbor,

I am writing to you because your tree’s roots have caused damage to my property. The roots have grown into the foundation of my garage and are causing cracks at the base of the structure. If action is not taken as soon as possible, there could be serious structural damage that could cost a lot of money to repair.

I would like to work with you to find a solution. I think it is better if we fix the issue now before it gets too costly and more difficult to repair. I would like to discuss what we can do together. Please let me know of any questions you may have or any concerns.


Dear [neighbor’s name],

Your [tree/bush/hedge/etc.] is beautiful! However, I am afraid it may be damaging my property. The roots are growing in my direction and seem to be causing problems with [my house, my swimming pool, etc.]. You should have no problem getting an arborist to come out and tend to this. If you need any assistance or referrals, please don’t hesitate to ask. I would hate for your property to be damaged as well.

Thanks for being such a great neighbor!

Sample letter to neighbor about a dangerous tree

This is to bring to your notice that the tree standing on the front side of my house is causing trouble for me. The roots have been spreading very fast and have entered my house through the septic tank. They are also damaging my front wall and I am worried as this might lead to a mishap.

I request you kindly hire someone who can check the health of the tree and trim it if necessary. I would really appreciate it if you could do it at the earliest.

I am writing to let you know that I think the large oak tree on your property may be dangerous. The large limb that hangs over my property is rotting at the base and appears that it may fall, damaging my home or car. Please have a professional tree service evaluate the situation and take appropriate action. This is a friendly reminder and I would like to avoid any legal action if possible. Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

Sample arborist complaint letter to neighbor about tree

Dear Neighbour,

I have noticed that the tree in your garden is overhanging my property, and have taken some photographs to show the issue.

As you are aware I am concerned about the weight of snow on the branches during bad weather as there is a risk that some of the branches could break off onto my roof or car.

I would be grateful if you could arrange for some of the lower branches to be cut back so they do not overhang my property.

Dear Neighbor,

I hope this letter finds you well and enjoying the summer. I’m writing because I have a problem that I hope we can address together. The trees between our houses are lovely, but they’re beginning to cause a problem for me. The debris from them is clogging my gutters.

I’ve tried cleaning them out myself, but there’s just too much of it and it’s too high for me to reach easily. Can you help me?

If not, could we hire someone to do this work?

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Sample letter to send to neighbor about tree hazard

Dear Neighbor,

A large tree branch on your property is hanging over our yard. We are concerned it might fall and hurt someone or damage our property. As neighbors, we’re hoping you’ll take care of this situation.

Please let us know when you plan to have the branch trimmed back.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Complaint letter sample letter to neighbor about tree and sidewalk

I am writing to you about a potential hazard in my neighborhood. There is a tree, located on your property at the edge of the sidewalk.

Recently, a large limb fell off the tree and landed near several people who were walking by. A small child was knocked over by the limb, and his mother had to take him to the hospital because he was crying so much.

I am worried that another limb will fall off this tree and cause more damage. I have also heard that there is a problem with termites in your neighborhood, which could be affecting your trees.

Complaint letter sample letter to neighbor about tree

Dear _____,

I am really sorry to say that my property is being damaged because of the overgrown trees in your garden. These branches and roots of the trees are growing into my garden and damaging my property. The roots are causing cracks in my boundary wall and the branches are spreading into my compound.

Please trim these trees, so that they do not cause any further damage to my property.

Thanking you

Sample Letter Example

I am writing to request you to please trim the branches of the tree that is in your backyard. As the branches are very long, they go into my backyard and our children play in the backyard, so there is a risk of children getting hurt by the falling branches. Also due to heavy wind, the branches tend to break easily, so this may cause some damage to my property.

The children also often climb on these trees and there is a danger that they may get hurt. The children also throw stones at the tree which makes it even more likely that a branch might fall down. If any such incident takes place then I will have to take legal action against you.

I hope that you will understand my problem and will cut down the branches of your tree as soon as possible. I would be very grateful to you for this act of kindness.

Thanking you

Sample demand letter to neighbor about tree branches

Hello [name],

I’m writing to request that our shared property line be trimmed back. As you know, the branches and foliage from your tree have grown over the property line, making it difficult for me to maintain my side of the fence.

I’d like to request a trimming of the branches [or removal of the tree] so that I can more easily care for my property. I’m happy to pay for this service and can hire someone as soon as possible.

I hope we can work together to resolve this issue quickly and amicably. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call. Thanks very much in advance.

Sample Letter to Neighbors About Tree Branches

This sample letter is written by a resident to the neighbors. It states that the branches of the trees have grown over their property and they are causing inconvenience.

Dear neighbor,

This is to inform you that the tree in your yard has grown too much and its branches are hanging over our yard. Our children play in the yard and they often get scratched by these branches if they touch them. In addition to that, these branches shed leaves which pollute our water tank as well.

I would be grateful if you kindly trim your tree or cut off those branches which are a hindrance for us.

Sample attorney demand letter to neighbor about tree branches

Dear [neighbor name],

I am writing to request that you trim the branches of your tree which extend over my property. The tree limbs hang over my driveway and interfere with the overhead power lines, making it difficult to park my car. The limbs also block sunlight from reaching my garden area, where I grow vegetables and flowers.

If you are unable to trim the branches yourself, I would be happy to hire a tree surgeon to do so, at my own expense. If this turns out to be necessary, I will of course send you a bill for half the costs involved in the tree surgery, as we agreed verbally several years ago.

I look forward to hearing from you promptly in response to this matter.

Sample Letter to Neighbors About Tree and parked cars

Dear ______,

I am writing this letter to request that you remove the low-hanging branches from your tree in order to prevent further damage to my vehicle.

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