A Neighbour cut down my tree in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, the typical rule is that all trees are owned jointly by the property owners. Thus, if the tree was located on a common property line, then you would have to get permission from your neighbour to cut down or trim the tree.

Additionally, if you cut down or trim a tree that causes damage to your neighbour’s property (such as roots or branches), then you will be responsible for compensating your neighbour for the damage that you cause.

My neighbour cut my tree in Oklahoma

The law in Oklahoma states that if a tree is considered a boundary tree, the neighbour who owns it can remove it. If a part of the tree overhangs or touches property they do not own, they can also remove this although they would need to ask permission before removing it.

If a neighbour has removed a boundary tree without you agreeing to it, you can get them to pay for it. They may even need to replace the tree if you want them to.

It is best to talk with your neighbour first before starting legal action as this will be cheaper and quicker than taking them to court.

The law in Oklahoma states that if a tree is considered a boundary tree, the neighbour who owns it can remove it. If a part of the tree overhangs or touches property they do not own, they can also remove this although they would need to ask permission before removing it.

My tree branches overhang my property in Oklahoma

If you have a tree on your property, and the branches overhang your neighbour’s yard, you can be held liable for any damage the tree causes to their home or yard. This can include damage from lightning strikes, wind, or falling limbs.

If your neighbour’s tree is causing you problems, you can contact the local government for help. They will send an inspector to determine whether or not the tree is a hazard. If it is deemed unsafe, they will advise your neighbour on how to remove it safely.

However, if your neighbour refuses to remove it and it still poses a threat to you or your property, you may sue them in civil court. You can also have the city cut down the tree if they deem it a threat to public safety.

My neighbour damaged my tree on my property in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, if a tree on your property has been damaged, you can file a claim against the individual or company that damaged it. If the tree was cut down intentionally, the person who cut it down could be charged with criminal damage.

If your neighbour damages your tree, there are several actions you can take to protect yourself from liability. The first action is to contact the police immediately. The second action is to call an Oklahoma City Tree Service and have them come out and inspect the damage if any.

If your neighbour damaged your tree, you may also be able to sue them for any damage caused to your property. If you choose to take legal action against someone for damaging a tree on your property, keep in mind that you will need proof of what happened and evidence that shows how much damage was done. You will also need documentation proving that the person or company is responsible for paying for any repairs made to your property as a result of their actions.

My neighbour’s tree roots or branches damaged my property in Oklahoma

Oklahoma law allows a property owner to trim tree branches and roots of a neighbour’s trees that hang over the owner’s property. However, a property owner may not harm or destroy the entire tree.

If your neighbour does not have permission to do so, you may sue him for damages in small claims court. Be sure to present evidence showing that you notified the neighbour of his tree branches hanging over your property if this is true.

Can my neighbour make me cut my tree?

Generally speaking, if a tree trunk stands on the land of one person and overhangs the land of another, the owner of the tree owns the branches and foliage which overhang the neighbouring land.

This is subject to any easements or restrictions in place as a result of any deeds or other documents affecting the property.

Your neighbour can therefore cut back any branches which overhang onto their property but must not enter your land to do so. If they do so, they would be trespassing on your land and you could take legal action against them to prevent this from happening.

If your neighbour has cut branches from your tree without your permission, you may decide to take legal action against them for trespass or for damage to your property.

How can I get my neighbour to cut his dead tree in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, a property owner has the legal right to cut down any tree on his or her own property. This is true even if the tree is located in your neighbour’s yard.

That said, you can certainly ask your neighbour to either remove the dead tree or trim it back so that it doesn’t pose a danger to your home. If you have homeowner’s insurance, you may want to call your agent and see if there is anything that can be done from that end.

Also, in some communities, there are regulations governing what can be done with dead trees or overhanging branches. Depending on where you live, you may want to find out if there are any local regulations that would apply here.

What happens if I cut my neighbour’s tree down in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, a person who cuts down a tree on another person’s property may be liable for the full value of the tree. The law requires a person to do so only if it was intentional and without permission. If you cut down your neighbour’s tree by accident, there’s no legal requirement to pay for it.

If a tree is cut down on my property by a neighbour how much money should I receive in damages?

The answer depends upon how much the tree was worth. If your neighbour cut it down without your permission, then you can sue him for the value of the tree. This could be the cost of replacing it with a similar tree or using expert testimony to determine what the fair market value of that tree was at the time it was cut down.

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