A Neighbour cut down my tree in Missouri

In Missouri, trees on your property are legally yours. If a tree falls on another person’s property, it is their responsibility to remove it. Likewise, you cannot remove a tree that is not yours. You can, however, trim branches that hang over your property if you damage the tree in doing so.

The Missouri Revised Statutes do not address a neighbour’s act of cutting down your tree. However, if you can prove the value of the tree and the expenses associated with removing the stump and roots from your land, you may be able to seek reimbursement from the neighbour who took down your tree.

You can also file a complaint with your local police department and ask them to investigate the incident.

My neighbour cut my tree in Missouri

n Missouri, trees are considered the property of the owner of the land on which they are located. If a tree that you own falls onto your neighbour’s land, that tree is still yours. Similarly, if a branch of your tree breaks off and lands on your neighbour’s property, that branch is still yours, even though it is no longer attached to your tree. Trees, branches and foliage must all be cut up by their owner and removed from the neighbour’s property.

If you fail within a reasonable time to remove any part of a tree or branch that has fallen on your neighbour’s property, he or she may cut up and remove it from the premises. However, in this situation, the neighbour may sue you for reimbursement for his or her expenses in cutting up and removing the portion of the tree that had fallen on his or her land.

My tree branches overhang my property in Missouri

To protect their property, Neighbors can cut back branches and roots that overhang the property line as long as they do not trespass while doing so. If a dispute arises, it is best to contact your local forestry office.

If a neighbour cuts down, removes, kills or injures a tree on your property without your permission, that neighbour is required to compensate you (the tree owner).

You may also be able to recover damages for losses caused by a neighbour’s removal of trees or undergrowth on your land. For example, if the trees or undergrowth shielded you from traffic noise or provided privacy from neighbouring houses, then you may have suffered damages due to their removal.

The amount of compensation will depend on several factors, including the fair market value of the tree before and after it was damaged; the cost of removal; and in some cases, even potential uses for the wood of fallen trees.

My neighbour damaged my tree on my property in Missouri

Missouri law provides that a landowner is liable for injuries and damages caused by trees and limbs that fall from the landowner’s property onto adjoining property. The court is to assess the fault of the parties and apportion liability accordingly.

If the fallen tree is a result of an act of God, such as a tornado, this exception may not apply.

If you are a Missouri resident, you should consult with an attorney about your legal rights and remedies under Missouri law.

My neighbour’s tree roots or branches damaged my property in Missouri

A tree forms a beautiful and natural part of the landscape of any yard. However, if your neighbour’s tree is growing on your property, you might be in trouble. Your neighbour has no legal right to allow their tree or its roots to cross over onto your land.

In Missouri, the law protects you from this type of encroachment. If your neighbour’s tree or shrubbery is growing on your land, it does not matter who planted it or how long it has been there. You have the right to remove it or trim it back at any time.

You have the right to remove a neighbour’s tree that has grown into your yard, even if the trunk is still on their property. This type of encroachment happens more often than you might think, so knowing your rights is important to avoid disputes with neighbours.

Can my neighbour make me cut my tree?

In Missouri, a landowner is not required to trim trees that hang over another person’s property. However, if the tree causes damage to the other person’s property, then the landowner may be liable for damages.

In Missouri, a landowner is not required to trim trees that hang over another person’s property. However, if the tree causes damage to the other person’s property, then the landowner may be liable for damages.

If a neighbour does trim your tree or cut it down, you generally have no recourse against them. The only exception to this rule is when a neighbour intentionally damages your tree or does not exercise reasonable care when trimming or cutting down your tree. In such cases, you may seek damages from your neighbour for any resulting harm to your tree or property.

How can I get my neighbour to cut his dead tree in Missouri?

The general rule of tree nuisance is that a landowner has the right to do whatever he or she wants with natural vegetation on his or her own property, as long as it is not otherwise prohibited by law (this includes native and nonnative vegetation). So based on this principle, in most cases, your neighbour can cut down the tree.

However, there are some exceptions to this general rule:

If the tree is protected under local law, you may be able to insist that it not be cut down. For example, if the tree is located in an area designated as a Historic District or Conservation Area, then it may be protected from removal.

What happens if I cut my neighbour’s tree down in Missouri?

If you cut down a neighbour’s tree without his or her permission, that neighbour could sue you for damages. Even if the tree was located entirely on your property, you could still be liable, since a tree can extend its roots onto other properties.

If you intentionally destroyed your neighbour’s tree, your neighbour could also sue you for punitive damages. If the court decided that there was no valid reason for cutting down the tree, it could impose a large fine as punishment for your actions.

If a tree is cut down on my property by a neighbour how much money should I receive in damages?

In Missouri, if your neighbour cuts down a tree on your side of the property line, you may be able to recover damages from them. The law in Missouri is that if a neighbour cuts down your tree without your permission and suffers damage to your tree, you have the right to receive compensation for the value of the tree and any damage done to it. However, this depends on whether or not you can prove that you own the tree that was cut down. If you cannot prove ownership of the tree, then the neighbour may have a right to cut it down since he has no way of knowing who owns it.

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